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Airtel Thanks: Recharge, Bill, UPI, Listen free Music and watch Live Tv

Airtel Thanks App 

Airtel Thanks App: Provides digital wallet facility, where you get mobile DTH recharge, water, electricity, gas, broadband, data card, and postpaid as well as insurance bill payment, etc.

Do you know that currently, India's second-largest mobile network operator is Bharti Airtel, Jina not only provides you digital wallet facility with its modern app 

but you can also do UPI transactions through this wallet anytime, anywhere If you want to send money to someone's account 

or if you want to get money in your account, then you can do a UPI transaction with the help of the Airtel Thanks App.

If seen in the Airtel Thanks App, there are many other features such as you can also enjoy live TV from the Airtel Thanks app and can listen to music.

Airtel wanted to open its own online payment bank. And for this, Airtel was also licensed by RBI on 11 April 2016. Based on RBI rules, users could open savings accounts in their own virtual Airtel payment bank. 

And exactly 1 year after that, UPI was integrated with Airtel Payment Bank, so that the user can get an instant transaction facility. 

But the month of December 2017 was not good for the Airtel company, the license was canceled by the RBI because the savings account of the users was being opened without KYC.

According to Wikipedia, Bharti Airtel Limited and Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited Partnership have launched Airtel Payment Bank in which the Bharti Airtel relationship is 80.01% percent and the same Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited holds 19.9% ​​percent.

Meaning, now you can not only recharge and pay with your Airtel Thanks app, but you can also open your own savings account. Where you will get a virtual debit card and all the facilities that are in a savings bank account. 

So now you can open a savings account in your name in Airtel Payments Bank based on your KYC. This is amazing for all of us, a bank whose facility we can avail 24 hours everywhere at all times. Without any trouble

Complete Guide of Airtel Thanks: Recharge, Bill Pay, Bank Transfer
Image Credit: Airtel Thanks

What is the Airtel Thanks App

It is an app developed by Bharti Airtel company through which every public in India provides all kinds of digital payment facilities. 

You can also call it all-in-one because apart from the payment, it also entertains you. Because in this app you can listen to music for free and watch live TV channels for free. 

And from time to time, the Airtel Thanks App releases a lot of useful cashback offers for the general public. Its direct benefit goes to the general public.

How to use Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks app is very easy to use because the interface of this app was kept simple so that the common people do not have to face difficult problems in using its service.


You can download the Airtel Thanks App from the App Store of any operating system you use mobile >> Just go to the App Store >> and search "Airtel Thanks App" >> and then click on the download button and install it on your phone

>> Or you can also download this app through the Airtel Thanks App download link given by us.

Mobile Recharge

Open the Airtel Thanks App >> click on the recharge icon >> click on mobile recharge >> click on internet end number and put the number of any mobile number you want to recharge in it >> by clicking select operator Select the operator and location (select the location from which the SIM was purchased) (the number on which you want to recharge) >> Now the amount you want to recharge, at the location of the Inter Amount, Put that amount in the number or you can also select the plan given below. At the place of the amount >> As soon as you click on the plan, a payment interface will open in front of you (in which Airtel Money will be written and exactly that "Add Money to Pay" option will be visible in front). If there will be money in your Airtel digital wallet, then you can make direct payment from there with just one click and when there is zero balance in the wallet, you will be able to take the same money as Ad Money To Pay and you will see an option to pay in three different ways.

  1. In the option, you can pay through credit card debit card, and ATM card.
  2. Can pay through UPI.
  3. Payments can be made through net banking.

Select one of these options and complete the recharge process.

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How to link bank account with Airtel Thanks App

If you want to link your bank account with your Airtel Thanks Digital wallet app, then follow the below step given by me carefully then you will be able to easily link your bank account to Airtel Thanks App

Open the Airtel Thanks App >> click on the banking icon given below >> you will see the wallet section from the top, after scrolling it you will see the option of UPI >> Now click on "View Account" of UPI section Click >> Once again click on "UPI" >> Click on "Link More Account" >> Now select any bank account you want to add to that bank from the Airtel Thanks App >> If your smartphone will have a single SIM card So that photo will be dedicated to your account and if you use a dual SIM in your smartphone, then you select the number which is linked to your bank account >> wait two to 5 seconds after selecting the bank Do an auto SMS verification through your account will be set up with Airtel wallet >> Once accounts are done, click on Done and link the account.

Congratulations 🎉🎊 you have successfully linked your account with the Airtel Thanks App.

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Airtel Thanks App Information

App nameAirtel Thanks

TypePayment App

FeaturesMobile/DTH recharge, bill payments, UPI money Transfer & Live TV

Contact Help-mail

How much Downloaded100M+ Downloads

App's OwnerBharti Airtel 

Date of Release at 
Play store
August 18, 2012

User's  ReactionGreat Experience

Download to PlayStoreAirtel Thanks

Official site


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