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Google Task Mate Referral Code | Get Early Access

 Google Task Mate Referral / Invitation Code has come out. I would like to say to All of you, Please check the updated list below immediately and use it first.

Maybe a few hours after posting this post, many of Task Mate's referral codes will expire, As we all know Task Mate app referral code can be used by only one person. So, Don't be late anymore.

Google Task Mate Referral / Invitation Code
Google Task Mate App

What Is Google Task Mate App?

Businesses need all kinds of information to get things done like understanding which brands are popular in Mexico City, Where the best billboard spots are in Nairobi or collecting pictures of lamps in Delhi to train a model.

Collecting reliable information can be a big task and sometimes the best way to solve big challenges is to think a little smaller. Task Mate is a micro-tasking platform made by Google. 

It helps you complete complex projects by breaking big tasks into small ones. Tasks that people with local insights can complete and get paid for. 

Using the Task Mate app taskers all over the world, provide local information by picking up simple tasks like filling out surveys, Recording audio samples, or collecting images. Use Task Mate to create and customize your own tasks from scratch or use a library of templates to get it done faster. 

You choose, which taskers you need to help with and how the answers are checked in verified. Small tasks big impact, 

And not just for businesses Taskers is making money to help pay the bills or to help with expenses. Add Task Mate to your team and let's do small tasks. Make a big difference.

Mainly Two Types of Tasks will be given on Google Task Mate App

You will get to see different types of simple tasks on the Task Mate App -

  1. Field Task - Check Shop Details, Take Photos of Shopfronts
  2. Sitting Task - Record Spoken Sentences, Transcribe Sentences, 

If you complete 1,000 tasks with a hundred percent accuracy, then you will get to see more and more tasks, as well as your earning, will be more 

And your level will definitely increase and will be reached Platinum level then you will be able to share Google Task Mate Invitation Code with your friend also.

Additional Information about Google Task Mate App

OwnerGoogle LLC
Launch DateFor Lifetime
App CompatibleWith Android Device
App Permission
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Identity
  • Wi-Fi Connection Information
  • Microphone
  • And Some Others Permission will be required
Last Update17 September 2021
Current VersionBeta Version (Trail Mode)
 Around 10 Lakh people have been downloaded this App.

Why People are Searching Google Task Mate Referral Code?

As we all know to create a profile on task mate, we need a referral code.

Task Mate Invitation Code can be obtained from an existing user of Task Mate or on request from Google.

An existing user of Task Mate can send invitations from his account to up to 3 people only, and you know Google has given permission limited number of users.  

This is why, people are not able to get the referral code easily, due to which they are searching more and more on search engines.

NOTE: I would like to recommend that you do not enter any type of wrong code in your task mate account. If you do this, again and again, the Task Mate team will ban your account forever.

Google Task Mate Level

Surveys are given according to the level of users in the Google Task Mate app. If the user completes the survey with Five Star Accuracy, his profile page is leveled up and the chances of getting more surveys are increased.

Mainly the Level of Google Task Mate app is divided into 4 parts - 

1. Bronze Level Benefits

Google Task Mate - Bronze level
Image Credit: Google Task Mate App

⭐With the approval from the Task Mate, you will enter the Bronze level, in which you will get to do only basic tasks. After completing 20 paid tasks with four-star (☆☆☆☆) accuracy, then you will enter the Silver level.

2. Silver Level Benefits

Google Task Mate - Silver level
Image Credit: Google Task Mate App

When you enter the Silver level, you will be able to perform three types of tasks

  1. Access to Basic Tasks
  2. Ability to do field task
  3. Ability to review work of others

⭐After entering the Silver level, you have to complete 500 paid tasks with five stars (☆☆☆☆☆) accuracy only then you will be able to enter the next level, the Gold level.

3. Gold Level Benefits

Google Task Mate - Gold level
Image Credit: Task Mate App

As you enter the Gold level, your Task limit will be increased and you will be able to access more tasks as compared to the Silver level.
⭐ And when you complete 1000 paid tasks in gold level with five-star accuracy then you will be able to go to platinum level

4. Platinum Level Benefits

Google Task Mate - Platinum level
Image Credit: Google Task Mate
  • Earliest access to all tasks 
  • Highest task limit possible
⭐Ability to invite your friends to Task Mate

How to Get Google Task Mate Invitation Code?

You can request from an old user of Task Mate or you can request a referral code by mailing it to the Google Task Mate developer team.

Google Task Mate Referral Code
Task Mate Referral Code

Fresh Google Task Mate Working Referral / Invitation Code List

Referral / Invitation CodesStatus
QA151LIt's Working
C7M72DIt's Working

How to Get Payout in Task Mate?

To collect payouts from Task Mate, you need to create your wallet on Task Mate's payment partner app

When you complete the task of task mate, the finalized amount will be transferred to that wallet. And then from that wallet in local currency, you will get your money in your Bank Account.

But to get a payout, you must have at least ₹100 rupees in your Task Mate account, only then you can withdraw the earned money.

How do I Download Google Task Mate Application?

If you want to download the Task Mate app, you must have an Android phone. Because Task Mate is currently available only for Android users.

You can also download this app from the link given below, as well as this app is also available on Google Play Store, you can also download it from there.

Download - Google Task Mate App

How to Sign-Up in Task Mate?

We will know to Sign-up Task Mate in a few easy steps -

  • Download The Task Mate App from Google Play Store.
  • Open App and select your Gmail account. 
  • Click on the "Get Started" button
  • Select your preferred language 
  • Now you get a Welcome note from Google Task Mate App

Task Mate is currently in Beta and has a limited number of tasks available. As more tasks come online in your area, we'll allow more people into the app to ensure there is something for everyone. Tell us a bit about yourself to join the waitlist. We're looking for a range of people to join no matter who you are or where you are. 

  • Click on the "Join Waitlist" button or if you have an Invitation code then click on the "Enter here" button.
  • Now read the Agreement page carefully and then click on the "Accept Agreement" button.
  • Now have to Register your location. So, click on the "Register location" button and give permission to Task Mate to access your Device's location. (You don't need to worry about your personal data. Because Google will take only your approximate location. You can delete your data from the app at any time.)
  • Click on the "Next" button.
  • If you have a GSTIN number then put it there or if not you have then selected "NO" and clicked on the "Next" button.
  • Now add languages that you know very well (Native language). One thing is there that you can select up to three languages. Whatever you know and after languages selection, cannot be changed once you submitted.

CONGRATULATIONS, You have successfully Signed-Up. Now, You can try sample tasks.


How Much Earn on Task Mate App?

Depends on how many tasks you have completed with 100% accuracy and try to get a five-star rating on your profile page. This will increase your chances of getting the task even more.

One thing you need to keep in mind always, don't try to give a false answer. By doing this can reduce your rating points and if your rating points are reduced then you will get fewer tasks

How Much get Paid per Task?

After getting approval from Task Mate, you get one rupee for each task and after that when you complete a hundred tasks then you will reach Silver level then you will be able to start getting field tasks. You will get Rs.36 for completing each field task.

What is the minimum payout of Google Task Mate?

When you have received ₹100 in your Task Mate wallet, then you can withdraw your first payment. And then after taking the first payout, the second payout can be taken at least ₹500 rupees.

Is Task mate available for All Indians?

Not at all, because it is currently available on the Play Store in Beta version and only limited users have got permission to use this app.

Yes, but in the future, we all can use this app.

Can I request to Google's Task Mate developer team or Google Employees for Early Access Invitation? 

Of course, you can request but personally, I tell my experience to you guys, I have already mailed three to four times to the developer team but to no avail, every time the same answer was received from their side.

And the answer that came from them. I am sharing it with you all below, you can read it -

First reply from Task Mate team

Thanks for your interest in Task Mate! 
Although we are unable to give you an exact time-frame at the moment, I would request you to stay tuned for any updates. Once again, I appreciate your interest and hope you have a lovely day!
Kind Regards,

Second reply from Task Mate team

I'm sorry, but we can't grant your request at this time. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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