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Top Ten Most Famous Offline Games To Play In 2022

What's up Gamers, welcome to This is Ishant Singh Rajput again with another post just for you. We know there are lots of different types of gamers and we like to make sure we cover all the different areas. So, today we got a post for you offline or bus gamers.

Top 10 Most Popular Offline Games

You know the gamers that don't want to be weighed down by a dependency on Wi-Fi or 5G or any other type of internet connection.

Offline Games | High Graphics | Shooting Games | Racing Games
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So, today i'm gonna be taking a look at 10 of the best new offline games that you probably don't have on your device yet. So get your device ready open up the app or Google Play Store and get ready to search.

1. Assault Bots

If you like war in modern combat, especially in game form then you're definitely gonna like this game. Assault bots is a multiplayer shooter game but it has an offline mode where you can play against bots in single player. The game features lots of maps with multiple game modes, including capture the flag conquest team deathmatch and more you can customize your robot vehicle and play against other players in this third person perspective. You can customize even to the point of choosing between wheels, mech, legs or helicopter blades or wings for land and air combat. Overall. I really enjoyed offline mode on this game and the graphics are super so check this one out.

2. The Outlands

This is an open zombie survival game where you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and your job is to gather all their resources and explore the island on it. You have to fight with some zombies and loot the areas which are captured by the zombies. In my opinion, this one is an alternate to the PC game Unturned and the game seems to be pretty straightforward take on Minecraft. The visuals are similar in the game's mix of exploration crafting and survival all ties in with that assessment.

3. Outrunner Forgotten King

This one's a 2D hardcore speed runner platformer game with precise movements and responsive controls. In it, you have to pass 18 challenging levels that get progressively harder as you go on. You also have to avoid as many enemies as you can and all the dangerous traps. Overall the game has modem pixel art graphics with fluid animations and soul's light difficulty and the speed run timer it sparks competition and is perfect for those who want a real challenge.

4. War strike

This is an offline first person shooter game where you play the role of a commander who's on the mission of destroying all the terrorist groups and Mafia bosses in a city. In the game, you are completely alone and have to fight the enemies as a one-man army. Talk about the gameplay. I really like it. You can fight with enemies, destroy helicopters, defuse bombs and much more. There's a lot of weapon options like machine, guns, assault rifles and more as well. The game's got a total of three chapters and each one of them has several missions. If we talk about graphics and I gotta say they're very good and I was impressed. I think you should definitely try this one out at least once.


This is an open world RPG game where you take on the role of a general of a small city state called REOC and turn it into one of the most powerful cities to ever be built. Now i found this game to be quite a bit different from the others because you have to take full control of your city and the surrounding area, but along with that you also have the responsibility of protecting your city from thieves and other enemies. So you got to build higher walls in a castle in order to defend your city and with your growing power. You can actually go out and conquer more lands from your neighbors. I think it is a great game. That's got some good graphics.

6. Severe delays

If you feel that plane running gamesare just too dull. I'd say try this title. Its a train game with a lot of action. It has a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. So, it's got some pretty good traction here. The game looks to be highly inspired by subway surfers, but in the opposite way, the boy is replaced by a train and trains are replaced by a passengers. Also, the game is divided into levels In severe delays. Your task is to collect the coins and passengers and cross the final platform to qualify for the next level while avoiding obstacles. All in all I found it was a fun game with good graphics and smooth controls.

7. Drag Clash Pro Hot Rod Racing

This one's a drag racing gamefrom the developers of top speed and moto rider go. So, based on the name of the game, you can probably guess that in-game you drive a variety of hot rod cars. In it, you have to prove yourself superior to all the other opponents out there in the city. In addition, you gotta buy new cars, add some upgrades and then race them. It features a campaign mode with plenty different races. You'll also be able to do online racing against other people, if you want to. There is plenty of cars to collect in the graphics are actually pretty good. Its a good time killer in the racing game genre.

8. Roon Sword

This one's a retro pixel art style action platformer game where you'll find yourself in a vast world of platforming challenges. The game is full of secrets, full of treasures and you gotta go around discovering magic runes to help you become a powerful warrior and fight with the bosses. The game as a total of 24 levels with three epic bosses. If I talked about the gameplay then it's very simple, you gotta run, jump and slash everything that comes your way. Also, you can change weapons according to conditions along with that there's lots of different traps which make this game even more interesting.

9. Love You To Bits

As the title suggests. Its a love story, but not the typical one this original puzzler showcases the tale of Cosmo a clumsy space explorer, who is head over heels in love with his robot girlfriend

Nova but then an ill-fated spaceship explosion separates them sending cosmo off on a grand adventure to bring his lost love back to life. Overall. I found the story to be super charming and quirky and as you might imagine, but it's also wildly adorable, and that extends from their interaction. All the way to the diverse levels on display. Each featuring a unique terrain and style and presentation.

10. Metro survival game

This one's a top-down zombie survival game in which you complete the specific task to qualify for the next level. The game is also offline and does not save progress which is kind of disappointing. But the visuals of the game are good and the controls are smooth. All in all the gameplay can be fun but the game depends entirely on how the developers proceed with updates because right now the game is busted.


So that's it for today. You guys get 10 of the best new offline games list for this month. If you felt this post was helpful. Be sure to share this post with your friends and don't forget to comments below.


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