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Most Popular Refer and Earning Apps in India ( 2022 )

Welcome to Refer and Earn page, Here you will know about every aspect of earning from the Referral Program.

Before proceeding with the post, let us understand the referral program well.

Big Payment Apps, Mutual fund companies & Broker companies offer to an existing customer for "Refer and Earn" program.

Refer and Earn -
Refer Earn Program -

All companies make profits, as well as their customer list, also increases, and a small amount is received from the company for successfully adding new customers through their old customers.

Payment Apps Invite Program

If you invite your friends to download the payment app of companies like Google, Amazon, Paytm, etc. You will get a successful referral bonus of up to ₹500 if your friend joins successfully.

Mutual Fund / Insurance Partner Program

And if you join the partner program of Mutual Fund related companies, 

You can earn up to ₹1000 on each referral by successfully adding anyone in your friend circle or relation according to the rules of the company.

If you sell insurance policies, you can earn amazing commission on that too. 

If you are interested to sell Insurance policies then you can check this's Partner Program.

Open Demat and Trading Account Partner Program

When we talk about earning money by referring. 

I'm sure,  Almost all people will tell you that "Earning money by referring payment apps only" 

But do you know that by joining the partner program of a broker, which is registered intermediary broker DP from NSDL or CDSL? You can earn more than ₹100,000 lakhs rupees per month.

For this, Which Brokers do you want to join the partner program of, 

You have to first become a customer of that broker and then you can earn amazing commission by joining the partner program of the broker, that too sitting at home. Isn't it amazing

1. Refer to Paytm App and Get Referral Reward

If you don't have a Paytm account, then open an account immediately, and if you are an existing customer of Paytm then the option of "Refer and Earn 100" will appear in your Paytm account.

Paytm keeps on changing its referral rewards from time to time, it is not necessary that the amount of money you get, the same amount will be received when your friend is referred to any third person.

When You Refer a friend and a referred friend makes their 1st payment from Bank A/c on Paytm. 

It doesn't matter that what amount your friend sending (The sending should be at least ₹1). Then You Earn ₹100 cashback in your Paytm wallet and a Paytm Cricket League card.

Paytm Refer Conditions

  • The referee will have to create a Paytm new account from the link received by the referrer with a new number and link to Paytm account with any existing Bank account.

  • Referrer will get Referral Bonus within 7 days from when the Referee successfully creates the account and linked his/her bank account with Paytm account.

Short Information

Refer a FriendGet ₹100
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Refer Link/Code

The offer is valid on both  Android and iOS devices.

2. Share PhonePe Referral Link

PhonePe started its referral program on 23 December 2000 17 and is still working at present. 

If you are a PhonePe app user, then you are eligible to refer your friend

If you successfully refer 10 persons from PhonePe then you will get a ₹1000 referral reward instantly deposited in your bank account.

PhonePe Refer Conditions

  • The referee needs to create an account on PhonePe with a new number.
  • The referee has to link his bank account with PhonePe and make a minimum UPI transaction of 1.
  • Referrer will receive Referral Money within 24 hours after successful Invited.

Short Information

Refer 10 FriendsGet ₹1000 on a successful referral
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Invite Link/Code

Offer is Applicable When Referee uses Android or iOS devices.

3. Invite Friends on Google Pay

Google Pay is one of my best apps as compared to other payment apps, 

I have earned up to ₹ 5000 in 1 day from this app. But here I would like to tell you one thing that an existing Google user can get maximum rewards up to ₹9000 in a financial year.

So if you want to earn more than Rs 9000 then you will have to use the ID of your household member for a referral.

The best thing about Google Pay, Is that it gives more referral bonus to the referrer as compared to other payment apps.

Google Pay increases and decreases its referral rewards from time to time.

Google Pay Refer Conditions

  • The referee must create an account on Google Pay with a new number
  • Referee have to connect your bank account with Google Pay and do a minimum transaction of ₹1 through UPI
  • Referrer will get bonus only after successful completion of this process.

Short Information

Get per ReferGet Upto ₹250 
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit but can earn up to ₹9000 in a financial year 
Invite Code/Link

4. Mobikwik Invite and Earn Program

Inviting a friend on MobiKwik, both the referrer and the referee get Rs. ₹50 for each invitation. 

Referrer gets 100 Supercash in his Mobikwik wallet. Keep in mind that the MobiKwik invite link is valid only for 24 hours after sharing.

Mobikwik Refer Terms & Conditions

  • A referrer can earn a maximum of up to ₹100,000
  • The reward will be reflected in the wallet within 48 hours
  • New Number and Bank account must be needed for New Mobikwik account

Short Information

Invite a FriendGet ₹50 
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per Annual1000 friends
Referral Code/Link

Earn Up to 1 Lakh Within 30 Days by Selling Broker's Products Services / Mutual Fund / SIP

If you join the partner program of any broker and then open the Demat and trading account of the new customer, 

then you get a commission from the broker from 250 to 1 thousand rupees on each customer.

I have mentioned the name of India's top broker and its partner program link below, you can also check it if you want.

Partner Program with India's Top Brokers

  1. Zerodha 
  2. Upstox
  3. ICICIdirect
  4. Angel Broking
  5. HDFC Securities
  6. 5paisa
  7. Groww
  8. Kotak Securities
  9. Sharekhan
  10. Motilal Oswal
  11. AxisDirect
  12. SBI Securities
  13. IIFL Securities
  14. Geojit
  15. Edelweiss
  16. SMC Global
  17. Religare
  18. Alice Blue
  19. Nirmal Bang
  20. Reliance Securities

5. 5Paisa Refer and Earn

The partner program of 5paisa is the best among the partner programs of all the brokers. 

Because 5paisa gives you the option of unlimited earning, the harder you work, the more you earn.

You don't have to pay any kind of charges to join 5paisa's partner program also.

When you refer a new client through 5paisa's partner program and that client has successfully registered on 5paisa through your referral link, 

After that you do not have to do anything as 5paisa itself will Demat and Explain all the tips for opening a trading account. 

And when the new client opens his Demat and trading account on 5paisa, 

You get a referral commission from 5paisa which is directly deposited in your bank account as well as brokerage received by the new client from trading in the share market Out of this, 

You also get brokerage sharing of 12.50 percent.

Its earning slab is also good as compared to other brokers, after joining 5paisa's partner program you can work from anywhere.

Earning Slab of 5paisa

Refer 1 to 25 friends and Earn 250 + Brokerage Sharing 12.50% per customer

Refer 25 to 100 friends and Earn 300 + Brokerage Sharing 40% per customer

Refer 100 to 400 friends and Earn 450 + Brokerage Sharing 50% per customer

Short Information

Refer a FriendGet ₹250 
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Client Code/ID/Link59178247

6. Upstox Demat and Trading Account Referral Program

When you join a new client through Upstox's partner program, you get Rs.300 per referral, that amount is deposited in your bank account immediately. 

Upstox also gives you some percent commission on brokerage received by your client on every trade.

But you will have to pay a one-time registration charge to join Upstox's partner program. 

Today the registration charge of Upstox as of 20th September 2021 is Rs 500, it may change further.

An earning potential calculator is also provided by Upstox, where you can get an average estimate of your earnings.

Short Information

Refer a FriendGet ₹300 per client
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Client Code/ID

7. Earn to ICICI direct Securities Market

ICICI Securities is one of the best referral programs. Where you get a chance to earn your desired earning, every new client is added, 

you get a commission of ₹ 750. 

Then, What are you waiting for? Go on ICICI Securities and create an account update your mobile number, email id with your stock broker depository participant. 

And start to Refer your friends.

Easy to use and on successfully opening a new referred client's demat and trading account, 

You get Rs.250 immediately deposited into your bank account and ₹500 is deposited when he/she makes the first investment in trading. client

The rest of ICICI Securities also says you can earn a commission of up to 35% by becoming a partner of ICICI Securities.

ICICI Securities is a trustable and stable company and dealing in securities markets.

But still, I would like to tell all of you that the partner of any broker should read all their terms and conditions carefully before joining the program. 

So that you do not have to face any kind of problem in the future.

Short Information

Refer a FriendGet ₹750 per Client 
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Client Code/ID

8. Motilal Oswal Broker DP Mutual Fund

If you are interested in shopping then this partner program is definitely for you because after joining 

Motilal Oswal's partner program you to get ₹ 1000 Amazon Gift Voucher on every client.

You can use this gift voucher for your shopping as well as Motilal Oswal also gives a brokerage credit of Rs 1000 in the Referee account.

To be eligible for Motilal Oswal Referral Commission, the Demat and trading account of the referee must be active for at least 1 month. 

While the referrer and referee also get a referral bonus,

The referee must have the account active for at least 2 months.

Short Information

Refer a FriendReferrer Get ₹1000 Amazon Gift Voucher
Referee Get ₹1000 Brokerage Credit (Terms & Conditions)
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Client Code/ID

9. Groww (Intermediary broker DP Mutual Fund/SIP) refer and earn

Groww app is a Sebi registered intermediary broker mutual fund app.

When you refer your friends and your friend download Groww app through your referral link and sign up successfully and then invest in any type of mutual fund or SIP 

Then grow app company gives you ₹ 100 as referral rewards.

Short Information

Refer a FriendGet ₹100 Both
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Client Code/ID

Invite Via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkedin, Text Msg, etc.

10. Zerodha Referral Rewards

By joining Zerodha's Partner Program, 

you get 10 percent commission on the brokerage charge of your referee along with 300 reward points. 

But whoever you are inviting for that, they will have to successfully open a Demat or trading account, only then you will be able to get the benefit of referral reward.

Short Information

Refer a FriendGet ₹300 
Offer is ValidFor Lifetime
Maximum Invite Per AnnualNo Limit
Client Code/ID

What is a Difference between Referrer and Referee?

We will try to understand this in easy language when the old customer of a company invites a new person, 

then there the old customer is called the referrer and the new customer is called the referee.

Note: If you are serious to earn by referring then you should be disciplined and time exercise dealing with customers.

Always keep one thing in mind, Prevent unauthorized transactions in your Demat account. 

Irrespective of the broker with which you are opening your Demat and trading account,

By doing this prior notice the company will disqualify your account before you join the partner program.


What is the best refer and earn platform still now?

If you want to earn money by sharing more and more then 

I would like to tell you that you should join the partner program of any one of these brokers (ICICI Securities, Sharekhan, 5Paisa, Zerodha). 

There you will get more commission.

How do you refer and earn work?

When you send your own link to your friends through social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn and by clicking on that link, 

If any of your partners download the app and sign up successfully, then that Gives referral money to the person who is referring on behalf of the app.

What is the easiest way to earn a lot of Paytm cash?

Like Mcent and Taskbucks, Pocket Money, Roz Dhan, FreeRecharge apps give the option of free mobile recharge and get Paytm cash. when you refer friends by downloading these apps.

#ReferAndEarn  #ReferEarn  #PartnerProgram


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