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Before Buy Apple Watch Series 7, You Should be Read It

The Apple Watch Series 7 and I had 10 burning questions about it which I can now finally answer to decide. If the Apple Watch Series 7 is indeed the small upgrade that everyone is saying that it is.

Apple Watch Series 7 | Review
Image Credit: Apple Watch and Canva

1. Display Design

So, at number one. I was wondering how does the actual display looks like in person?

Well, the Apple Watch Series 7 actually looks much bigger than I was expecting. I had a 44-millimeter series 5 before and the 45 millimeter Apple Watch Series 7.

Honestly looks like a max model. But that's not necessarily a bad thing as all texts are now larger and easier to read and all the buttons are now easier to press.

The watch faces look far more immersive now, especially the full-screen ones where you can see how much thinner the new bezels really are, and probably my favorite part about the steam display or the curved edges.

You see the display itself isn't curved but the glass above it is and if you look at it from the side it looks as if the screen is flowing into the edges.

I absolutely love this and it reminds me a lot of the Galaxy S7 Edge actually. Really my only complaint in terms of the display is the thicker glass, which results in the pixels being further away from the screen.

I don't think it's a massive deal and it's also very difficult to show on camera, by the way, I think the main downside of this is that the screen is more reflective than it used to be.

2. Screen Brightness

My next question was in terms of the screen brightness. I was wondering "How does it actually compare to my Apple watch series 5?

Well, with the brightness manually maxed out on both. I could immediately tell that the Apple Watch Series 7 was in the brighter watch faces were easier to read and everything just popped a bit more than on my Apple watch series five.

The fun fact is both are rated up to 1,000 nits of brightness and I have actually noticed, its a brightness and I have actually noticed the same level of high brightness when I shined a light at both of these displays.

So, outdoors they would both be just as visible but indoors the Apple Watch Series 7 does tend to set its other brightness level to something a bit higher than on the series five.

Now Apple did mention that the always-on display is now 70% brighter indoors and that was definitely the case with the Apple Watch Series 7's always-on display being significantly more visible.

And we then shined a light to simulate how bright the always-on displays would get in direct sunlight and once again it seems like the series sevens were much brighter.

3. Graphite vs Midnight vs Space Black

How does the Graphite model compare to by Space black series five and what about that new Midnight color?

Well, Unfortunately, the graphite isn't quite black but rather a dark gray which means that we don't get that perfect blend between the body of the watch and the screen like we did with a Space black model which, honestly looked as if it was carved from the same single piece of metal It looked amazing.

The graphite doesn't look as good in my opinion. There's also the new midnight which is a darker space gray with a hint of blue in it and although I don't actually think it looks bad it just doesn't compare to the farmer premium look of the stainless steel models.

So, if I were to rate my favorite Apple watch finishes. Those would be number one Space black, number two Graphite, and number three this new Midnight. Which is nice, to be honest.

4. Apple Watches Body Differences

I was wondering if there are any other body differences and the first thing that I immediately noticed was just "How massive the Apple Watch Series 7 looked and felt compared to my Series five?

I honestly think that it is actually too big for my wrist now, but then again the 41-millimeter model is way too small, so I think that if they had just made the bezels thinner without increasing the body size that would have been perfect.

But the fun fact is the smallest Apple watch now the 41 millimeter is almost as big as the biggest original Apple watch the 42 millimeters.

The speaker grille has been redesigned. My Series five does look a bit different as it does not have that oxygen level meter.

5. Apple Watch Series 7 Bands

Can we use older bands with an Apple Watch Series 7 and what about using Apple Watch Series 7 bands with the older Apple watches?

The answer is Yes, I was actually able to use new bands on my series 5 and old bands on my Apple Watch Series 7. The only thing that I noticed was that the older bands were a bit more difficult to slide into the Apple Watch Series 7.

Also, remember how Apple was saying on their website that "You cannot use the new solo and braided solo bands with watches older than the series 4".

Well., we tested this and it is not true. The newest Apple Watch Series 7 Bands seems to work perfectly even with the very first Apple watch.

6. Apple Watch Series 7 Display Face

Do we get any changes in how the old watch faces are displayed and also how do the new watch faces look like?

Well, I've had a look at a couple of old watch faces and it seems like they are simply scaled-up versions of those rather than anything new and updated with support for more complications.

For example, What it means is that if you've had trouble reading some of them then the Apple Watch Series 7 might make it easier for you, Although I was hoping for something a bit more here.

We do get two exclusive Apple Watch Series 7 Watch faces

The first one is called Contour and this is the one that takes full advantage of that curved glass. You can actually use the dial to highlight different areas of it and it supports two complications

And then the second one is the Modular duo, which allows you to have two large complications alongside a smaller one in the top left. So, we essentially get one Analog and one new digital watch face.

7. Apple Watch Series 7 Features

The Series 7 now features a full-screen keyboard but isn't of any use and to be honest, it actually is. It was really good at predicting my input, especially when I was using the swipe gesture but that only worked when I was writing in English,

As soon as I switched to another language, none of the predictive texts actually worked. Still, it is a massive improvement over the old scribble inputs where you had to draw one letter at a time.

8. Loud Speaker

Okay now, remember when I said that the speaker grill was bigger. So, I was wondering if the sound quality is any better or any louder. when I did the speaker test, I realize that Series 7's sound quality is better than Apple's previous models.

9. Charging Speeds

We know that the charging speeds are now faster but how much faster are they?

Well in the first 15 minutes the Apple Watch Series 7 charged 11% while my series five charged 10% so, not a massive difference. I was expecting to see more here but when we got to 30 minutes the Apple Watch Series 7 was at 39% while the series 5 was still at 21%

After one hour. The Apple Watch Series 7 was at 74% while the series 5 was at 48% and then at the 1 hour and 26-minute mark. The Apple Watch Series 7 was all done while the series. 5 was still at 68% so that's a pretty big difference.

But to get those speeds you need to be using the included USB type-c puck which by the way seems to now be made out of aluminum. Regardless of the Apple watch model that you buy.

Previously they used to be made out of plastic. If you went for the aluminum Apple watch and stainless steel if you went for the stainless steel models or the additional models, but that is no longer the case.

10. Should be Upgrade to Apple Watch Series 7

I have the biggest question of them all which is should you actually upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7?

Well, if you have a series 6, my answer is no. Unless you really care about that larger display and those two new exclusive watch faces. Now if you have a series 5 like I do, I do honestly think that it's worth it for me at least the biggest upgrade is the battery life.

So, yesterday I did a quick sleep tracking test. They were both at 20% battery and then I went to bed with both of my wrists and in the morning. The series 5 was completely dead while the Apple Watch Series 7 was at 5% and it was able to fully track my sleep entirely.

And then I put both on the charger and by the time I left for work, my Apple Watch Series 7 was fully charged while my series five was like I said at 68% so that's a massive improvement for me, which means that I can now finally use sleep tracking at night and have enough time in the morning to fully charge my watch to last me through my entire day And on top of that I also get the blood oxygen level meter, the faster Series 6 processor or in this case, the Apple Watch Series 7 but they're the same 5GHz Wi-Fi and the larger display.

So I'm really happy to upgrade even though I will still miss that Space black color And then from the series 4 downwards, my answer is 100% Yes, Not only do you get improvements that I mentioned from the 5 to the 7, but you also get the always-on display which I think is the biggest new feature to ever be added to the Apple Watch.


Oh and as a side note, there is a new Apple event next week and we'll be doing loads of coverage on the brand new MacBook Pros so make sure that you're following us on all Social media ( @WhatAppGoupCom ) and let us know if you want to read any other post on the Apple Watch series Seven

Maybe a full review after a few more weeks of use. Let us know down below. I'm Ishant Singh Rajput. This has been enough tech and I'll see you in the next post. Cheers


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