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Xiaomi Smart Glasses | Read Exclusive Information

If you make a Call, Watch videos, Take Photos or check the Route from Google Maps, then you use your phone. But now you will be able to do all this work through one glass because Xiaomi is now coming with such Smart Glasses, which will do everything that your phone does.

Just a few days ago Facebook launched Smart Glass in association with RayBan and last year Jio also launched its Jio Glass but now the Smart Glass that Xiaomi is bringing is more advanced than all these.

Power of Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Someday in the future, Smartphones may become a thing of the past. Imagine, Every Smartphone function integrated into what you wear today. Xiaomi are introducing Xiaomi's first pair of Smart Eyewear.

You don't even need to carry your phone with you, After wearing The Smart Glass. The biggest feature of this smart glass is that it is an independent device.

You do not need to connect it to the phone, other Smart Glasses that are there need to be connected, they have to be connected to the phone but it is not the case here.

It works on the Android operating system. It has its own processor, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, Battery, Camera, Microphone and the most important thing is also the Display.

Image Source: YouTube (Xiaomi Smart Glasses)

To say the display is equal to the grain, but when its reflection falls on the glass lens, then you will see this screen big, that too with full clarity. Because, Xiaomi Smart Glasses use optical waveguide Technology for lens display capabilities. All integrated in a pair of glasses.

Image Source: YouTube (Xiaomi Smart Glasses)

Specifications of Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Calling - If someone calls you, it will also appear on your screen and you will be able to take calls without using the phone, which means Xiaomi also gives you easy compatibility inside it.

Viewing - You will be able to see a message through this smart class.

Image Source: YouTube (Xiaomi Smart Glasses)

HUD Navigation - If you are driving and going somewhere, Glass will help you with navigation. You can set the destination on the screen and then go where you want to go. It means, like you now check your phone repeatedly to see your map suggestion, but now you will not have to do this because the screen will be in front of your eyes.

Image Source: YouTube (Xiaomi Smart Glasses)

Translating the page - There is another great feature that Xiaomi has given in this glass, that if you are making a video, now you do not need to remember the script, the script will continue to play on your screen and you can easily read the script from it. Apart from this, a life translation feature has also been given in it, meaning you will be able to easily translate any photo with the help of a smart class.

Camera - If you want to click a photo too, then a 5-megapixel camera has been given in it, with which you can click the photo and send it to your phone.

Image Source: YouTube (Xiaomi Smart Glasses)

Appears to be a very high technology smart glass and its weight is 51 grams, it also has a touchpad, this group will be able to operate all the features (call, message, navigation, translation, photo, etc.)

Image Source: YouTube (Xiaomi Smart Glasses)

How much would Xiaomi Smart Glasses Price in India?

Xiaomi hasn't revealed any official information about it yet.

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