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Don't Lose Your Etsy's Visitors | Check What Can Be The Reasons

If you're not making sales on Etsy or maybe not as many sales as you'd like it all boils down to two main problems that need to be addressed. Let's talk about what those are and how to fix them.  How do friends, Now I help you start and grow your Etsy shop into a small business and I've been a full-time seller in NC for over a year and a half If you want to know "How to Get More Views that turn into sales then keep on reading to the end. Seriously So, let's start with the obvious you need eyeballs on your shop to make sales. The same thing with a brick and mortar store right you can't make any sales if nobody walks in the door.  Part of your job on Etsy is to make sure that your products get recommended in the search and also on the homepage and in the Etsy app.  Of course, some of your views can come from things like social media or paid ads whether the ads are through Etsy or you know Facebook or whatever, but those are not essential.  You can't have