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Snapseed: World's Best Photo Editing Mobile App

Snapseed comes at number one in the world's best photo editing mobile app. But do you know the story behind it? after all, who developed this app. What is such a specialty of this app? Because of which it occupies the top position in the mobile photography editing app in the whole world. If you do not know anything about  Snapseed , then let us know its story from the beginning. Snapseed was designed by a company called Nick Software. Nick Software is a software development company and has its head office in San Diego, California. If you are wondering why I am telling you about this except for the story of Snapseed, then I tell you that this company is the biggest hand behind making  Snapseed  better. According to Wikipedia,  Nick Software Company  started in 1995. Software developers named Nils Kokemohr laid the foundation of this company.  There were 120 employees working in this company. And the CEO of this company was Michael J Slater. In a few years, the company designed such