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All You Need to Know About Pubg Mobile Game

Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile Game Such a game has a place in the world of video games, with which it has made its place in the top places of the world in a short time. Here I am talking about  PUBG Mobile  whose full name is PlayerUnknown's Battleground. In today's time, it is a craze across the world. If you ask any child or old man about  PubG Mobile , then he can also expand you. Now you understand how many fans following this video game. Talk about the person who designed this game, his name is  Brendan Greene . He is a resident of Iris. The idea that he had in mind about the concept of this game is based on the concept of a Japanese movie ( The Battle Royale ). PubG Mobile was released in the market by Bluehole Company, which is a South Korean video gaming company. And when the game was to be launched in China, the Blue Hole Company signed an agreement with Tencent (which is the world's largest video gaming company) and then launched the game globally with

Top Ten Most Famous Offline Games To Play In 2022

What's up Gamers, welcome to This is Ishant Singh Rajput again with another post just for you. We know there are lots of different types of gamers and we like to make sure we cover all the different areas. So, today we got a post for you offline or bus gamers. Top 10 Most Popular Offline Games You know the gamers that don't want to be weighed down by a dependency on Wi-Fi or 5G or any other type of internet connection. Image Credit: Canva (Play Games Without Internet) So, today i'm gonna be taking a look at 10 of the best new offline games that you probably don't have on your device yet. So get your device ready open up the app or Google Play Store and get ready to search. 1. Assault Bots If you like war in modern combat, especially in game form then you're definitely gonna like this game. Assault bots is a multiplayer shooter game but it has an offline mode where you can play against bots in single player. The game features lots of maps with multip